Food and Drinks:

To help us avoid allergens and to respect other patrons, we have to ask that no outside
food or drinks be brought into Destination Theater. However, bottled waters, especially in
reusable containers, are allowed and encouraged.

Ticket Purchases, Ratings, Refund, and Ejection Policies:

Tickets purchased in person or through our website are final, however if you purchased
a ticket and are unable to attend the show, Destination Theater will issue a pass to see a movie
at a later time provided your original showtime has not occurred prior to your request. Tickets
purchased through Atom Tickets or Fandango must be refunded or credited through their
customer support portals.

Movies Rated R require any person under the age of 17 to have an accompanying
parent or legal guardian aged 21 or over. Destination Theater reserves the right to check ID’s to
confirm age of anyone appearing to be 25 or younger.

Tickets purchased online via destinationtheater.com include a $1.50 convenience fee.
We now have a kiosk towards the front of the theater to pick up your tickets and skip the box
office and concessions lines. This fee can be avoided by purchasing tickets in advance
anytime we are open at either the box office or at the concessions counter.

All customers are expected to observe all theater policies. Once the movie has begun
we ask that all customers remain silent, stay in their seats, and not distract from the
moviegoing experience in any way. Please keep cell phones and electronic devices silenced
and away during the movie. If you must make a call or send a text, please do so in the lobby.
Please note that taking pictures or recording audio/video of the movie at any time is a federal

Parents, we understand that children make noise and have a hard time sitting still for
extended periods of time. However, if they are distracting other customers in the auditorium we
must ask you to minimally bring them out into the lobby to settle them down. Please remember
that sound in the lobby can sometimes bleed into the theaters, so you may need to step
outside of the building if they are being loud enough to be heard in the theaters.

Management reserves the right to not only refuse service, but to eject any customer for
any reason at any time from Destination Theater. In these rare occasions, the ejected party
most likely will not receive a refund or a pass to return at a later date.


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